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What they're saying about the book...

Reverses Conventional Thinking…

"Sidestep and Twist reverses conventional thinking on what it takes to succeed with innovation. Gardner's analysis is compelling and will result in big changes in the way companies think about their next generation of products and competitive advantage"

- Richard Potter, Group Communications and Innovation Director, Steria

Breaks Down the Myths…

"Forget everything you think you know about innovation. Gardner proves that innovation can be mastered - breaking down the myths that stand in the way of value creation. This book will fundamentally change how organisations compete in the 21st Century"

--Gabe Zichermann, Author of Game Based Marketing and Gamification by Design

Innovation Success At Scale…

"I predict Sidestep and Twist's common sense approach to innovation success at scale will leave a lot of innovation gurus exposed like the proverbial emperor. If they're clever, they will grab a copy of this book and shout Eureka as they run naked for cover! "

--Annalie Killian, Catalyst for Magic at AMP Australia