Platforms that Provide B2B Ecommerce Solution

B2B Ecommerce Solution

B2B ecommerce

B2B ecommerce is actually just a transaction between two businesses over the internet. As the world is moving more towards ecommerce, even business have started to deal with other businesses online. The internet has made it very efficient and cost effective way for the businesses to interact with each other and make business deals.

So for B2B ecommerce to take place, the business should have their website. There are ecommerce platforms that provide ecommerce websites to business who are dealing with other businesses. These services are a little different than those that are provided to B2C ecommerce websites. As B2B ecommerce websites need more features to manage their website in an effective manner.

To cater their needs there are various B2B platforms that provide exceptional services. Some of these platforms are; Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Intershop, etc.

Here we are going to introduce some of the best ecommerce platforms that cater B2B ecommerce.


BigCommerce is a company that took its start from the United States. It is a company that provides its customers ecommerce software. BigCommerce has taken B2B ecommerce platforms to another level. It provides amazing shopping experience for both the retailer and the other business involved in this trade. BigCommerce Enterprise services has made it the shopping experience even better.

Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms. It released Shopify Plus in order to make the shopping experience of B2B as simple as it they provide for B2C ecommerce websites. Shopify Plus offers powerful platforms that can handle huge amount of orders at one time. It is also capable of managing multiple websites from a single database. One of the best features of Shopify Plus is that it provides a complete B2B ecommerce solution by providing hosting services at all times.


Intershop is also a B2B ecommerce platform. It has a lot of useful features like product information management (PIM), order management system (OMS), web content management (WCB). These features allow the business to have a well managed ecommerce platform, because good data management means higher efficiency. Intershop services are provided in three different models; Enterprise, Managed and Cloud. It also has flexible pricing so it that you can pay according to your volume handling.

There are many other B2B ecommerce platforms as well that provide their customers quality services that are amplified according to their needs. Some B2B ecommerce platforms might be better than the other as per the business’s needs.

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