Reasons Why Wholesale Retailers should Power their Online Store with Shopify Plus?

Online Store with Shopify Plus

Now, everyone is fully aware about Shopify as one of the leading shopping carts out there. Over the years, it has somehow become a household name. People love Shopify for various reasons. Whether its easiness, budget-friendliness, web design, and integrations. You name it – any feature you want to have, Shopify has it for you.

In this ever increasing digital area, you must know few things. One of them is how large b2b market has become within the ecommerce world, what is b2b platform, the best, examples etc., and how to carry out b2b ecommerce platform comparison.

A Shopify b2b store can help you solve your b2b ecommerce business needs. Following are some valid reasons why wholesale retailers should power their online store with Shopify Plus.

Shopify is Affordable

You, being a retailer, don’t want to spend thousands hiring a programmer to build the store. Instead, you will aim for the same professional-grade result by using any one of top b2b platforms.

Shopify is a hosted solution, and charges monthly for its numerous services. Their basic plan includes web hosting, security, and customer support services. Many merchants find Shopify b2b services being worth the cost. Users also appreciate that Shopify being the fair pricing tool helped them building a decent site at $29 a month. The platform also helps merchants to save their time, reduce frustration and tons of cash.

Shopify Is Easy-to-Use

Unsurprisingly, Shopify offers the most user-friendly interface and design tools to its users. Even though, whenever Shopify b2b platform comes with any latest updates or changes, usability is never compromised. Many merchants choose Shopify plus over many b2b ecommerce solutions. Shopify offers deep functionalities plus easiest to use out of all top b2b platforms.

Shopify Is Scalable

You must have heard that Shopify is well suited platform for small businesses. By looking at its reasonable plans, and user-friendly interface, it is natural to think the same. However, unbelievably, Shopify plus is managing big stores with their large inventory. Not only this, Shopify has full potential to help growth of any enterprise.

Shopify Offers Tons of Integrations

Shopify has an app store, which covers more than 1000 integrations and applications. As soon as retailer finds out their site needs to be optimized and expand, it can be done easily by installing extension.

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